Day: December 7, 2018

Preparing For NYC Traffic Court

Whenever someone hears the word “court,” it can be a bit intimidating. There are different types of courts though,and in the grand scheme of things,traffic court is not really that big of a deal. Here is an overview of NYC traffic court so people know what to expect,according to top -.

Stay Cool

Checking into NYC traffic court isn’t the same as criminal court. There is the check in process,and then a lot of waiting. Once a person is called to the front,their case will be heard. It is important not to stress,because remember,the worst case scenario is a fine that is not going to be life changing.

When Court Starts

Trial will start as soon as possible at NYC traffic court. If the officer that gave the ticket is not there,it could rescheduled. If the officer is not there a second time,the court usually dismisses the case (unless the traffic violation was severe.

It is important to have all proof and witnesses the day of the trial. The court is not going to prolong something like this because a witness is unavailable. Have everything ready to go from the beginning. Be curious the entire time because a lot of times,acting professional usually results in a positive outcome.

Dress For Court

In court,dressing nicely can make a difference. A full on suit isn’t needed,but business casual usually works best. Don’t dress in any way to taunt the system.

Prepare For Either Resolution

Everyone going to NYC traffic court is hoping to avoid any real penalty,but sometimes,a fine is issued. If that is the case,be prepared to just pay it right then and there to be done with the process. A fine at most locations can be paid for with cash or credit card.