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The Jackpot 2 Power 6/55 prize is equally divided among 3 lucky players

After a long time the lottery programs had to halt the prize draw, until now, many prizes had been found for new owners. More specifically, today we want to share with you about a Jackpot 2 Power 6/55 with up to 3 lucky players to win together. Along with find out what the interesting number sequence is but there are many customers who win so much.

Information about Jackpot 2 Power 6/55

Which draws have 3 people winning Jackpot 2 Power 6/55?

The lucky draw is determined as the number 417, which is drawn on April 28, 2020 of Power 6/55 lottery. This is one of the programs that have been rewarded since was forced to pause for 15 days due to the serious Covid 19 disease, so the information about the winners was very interested. It was a miracle for three players to win the prize together, because in the time of work being deprived and miserable, the work order was still not reset as usual, there were Such a large amount of money will help the winner to live a normal life become more abundant and more abundant.

This means that 3 people winning Jackpot 2 Power 6/55, is the prize value will have to be divided into 3 parts. This means that each person will receive 1/3 of the above bonus. This Jackpot 2 prize is worth more than 4 billion VND. After deducting 10% of the tax paid to the state budget, the bonus amount divided for each person is more than 1.2 billion dong. With this money, the winner can freely do what he likes. However, to receive prizes must be received within the time limit. If the winners receive money over the specified time limit of 60 days, the prize will certainly not be valid anymore.

What is the lucky sequence for winning the Jackpot 2 Power 6/55?

The mechanism to get the winning numbers of Jackpot 2 Power 6/55 is different from the Jackpot 1 Power 6/55, you need to pay attention. With a series of numbers when announcing a prize, there will be 6 regular numbers and 1 special number, for a total of 7 numbers. The Jackpot 1 requires you to coincide with 6 numbers in the regular sequence, regardless of the special numbers. That single number is used to find the Jackpot 2, with the requirement to contain it and 5 of the 6 usual sequence numbers. Therefore, the winner of Jackpot 2 may have a sequence of numbers containing different numbers, but ensuring that the above requirements are okay.

Huge numbers of winning numbers

This is the reason why several different people can win the Jackpot 2. This time, the draw draw names the winning numbers of 04 – 06 – 10 – 16 – 30 – 46 and the special number is 34. In addition to this award, the Vietlott program system also found 19 first winners with a prize value of 40 million VND. 1400 people won the second prize, each prize is 500,000 VND and nearly 27,000 people won the third prize, each player will receive 50,000 VND. Although the amount of winning the third prize is not high, it is like a motivation to support customers to come to Vietlott to play more.

Despite playing Vietlott, everyone adheres to medical principles

Because after the outbreak of Covid 19, people are gradually finding their old habits more and more. Many experts have said that customers may be “playing around”, meaning playing more than in the past to recover the feeling of being lost by the covid epidemic. Perhaps, the search for jackpots, the Jackpot 2 Power 6/55 is also more aggressive. In addition to playing traditionally, players realize that playing with online methods is convenient and can avoid going to a crowded place. Therefore, most young people use this game to look for opportunities to change their lives.

For middle-aged people, who are older, they still choose the traditional method to play. However, everyone knows how to take safeguards to protect themselves and prevent the spread of epidemics to the community. They always wear masks, stand at a reasonable distance from each other and often wash their hands when entering crowded areas. So, this is a good and safe method to play lottery that many people should be interested in and learn from.

Above is the information we want to share with you about the information about the Jackpot 2 Power 6/55 prize, 3 lucky winners. If you find this information interesting and share useful things, help us send it to people around us to learn to read and learn. A lot of other detailed articles about ways to play lottery, news items are very much interested, do not miss.