What to Do When the Insurance Company Lowballs Your Crash Settlement

What to Do When the Insurance Company Lowballs Your Crash Settlement

The aftermath of a crash can be just as traumatic as the accident itself ([dcl=6634]). Dealing with the pain and the loss of mobility from the injuries is not easy. The high cost of medical bills and continuing therapy can also be difficult to handle. Ideally, those who get injured in accidents should have nothing to worry about as insurance companies will be there to cover their expenses. In reality, insurers will do everything in their power to minimize their cash outflow even as their clients suffer. Here’s what to do when the insurance company lowballs your crash settlement.

Get a Lawyer

You can file for an insurance claim without a lawyer. However, the company might take advantage of this to dismiss your claim or make a much lower offer than what you think you deserve. If this happens to you, then the first thing that you should do is to secure the services of a lawyer. You might think that hiring a legal professional is just another added expense but the result will show you otherwise. With the help of an expert, [dcl=6634],insurance providers will not be able to pull their usual trick on you. You will be able to get the maximum about that you are entitled to.

Strengthen Your Case

Work with your lawyer to strengthen the case that you have. Get every piece of documentation that will prove the validity of your claim. For example, try to obtain a copy of the police report, gather more witness testimonies, and collect more pieces of evidence. Present photographs of the crash scene from multiple angles. Provide the results of lab tests and medical reports. With enough of these, the insurer will have no choice but to honor the claim. If they still don’t listen, then you can consider going to trial to put the matter in the hands of the court.

File a Complaint

Another option that can be explored is the filing of a complaint with the state’s insurance department, likely with help from [dcl=6634]. This could be a viable course of action in some cases. Discuss the possibility with your lawyer. Weigh the pros and cons. For example, discuss how long it might take and what the chances are. Perhaps this could provide enough pressure for the company to reconsider their earlier decision. This is a right of every consumer. Every state has a department dedicated to the monitoring of insurers operating within the borders.

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